GPT Reward PHP Script

GPT Reward PHP Script is a GPT (get paid to) system.

GPT Reward PHP Script


GPT Reward PHP Script is a GPT (get paid to) system. Users can complete offers,
watch videos, view websites, download software, signup for trials and complete
surveys via an offerwall network then be rewarded with points. The site admin/owner
can earn as much as they would like to via offerwalls, ptc advertising, by applying fees on user's payouts, and the lottery module. This script has unlimited earnings potential.



Username: admin
Password: password


Username: admin
Password: password

  • Admin Panel
  • Offerwall Network Module - Add any offerwall network to earn points and get a cut of the offer price
    - Adscend Media
    - Adwork Media
    - CPA Grip
    - CPA Lead
    - Minutestaff
    - OfferDaddy
    - Offertoro
    - Ogads
    - Owads
    - Personaly
    - Wannads
  • Payment Provider Module - Add any payment provider/option for user cash outs
  • Affiliate Module - Allow users to refer other users to earn points and have more users join the site and you can earn more!
  • Coupon Module - Allow users to create coupons to gain referrals, more users equals more money!
  • Lottery Module - Allow users to enter the lottery, keep a profit of those entrees!
  • Chat/ShoutBox Module - Allow users to chat!
  • Ban Users from Chat - Ban users that are spamming, or posting unwanted messages in chat
  • Ban Users IP address - Know of a user that is cheating? Ban them from accessing the site
  • PTC Advertising - Earn money from advertisers buying ad packs
    Add PTC ad packs
  • Balance Converter - Allow users to convert points into advertiser points
  • Daily Bonus - Reward your users for completing offers daily
  • Theme Switcher - Allow users to change the theme for their account!
  • Statistics (Offer History, Redemption History, Referral History)
  • Bootstrap CSS
  • 100% Mobile Responsive
  • 100% open and editable source code (not encrypted, feel free to edit the files)

Next Update

From v.2.4 to v.2.5

- updated postbacks
- Better admin earnings tracking
- updated admin cp that will list all admin's earnings
- fixed missing pages
- more improved security
- HTML Advertisements (BSA, Adsense, etc)
If you have an idea for the script please contact me at

Change Log

From v.2.3 to v.2.4

- Bug fixes, and more critical security updates
- New admin CP pages
- Refund cashout requests
- Users IP logging
- More offerwalls (Personaly, Owads, OfferDaddy)
- News module added
- Automatically ban accounts if they have X amount of offer reversals
- Ability to mark an offerwall as 'popular'
- Crypto-currency cashout providers
- Contact us page
- and a lot more features, and code updates

From v.2.2 to v.2.3

- Bug fixes, and critical security updates

From v.2.1 to v.2.2

- PTC ads (earn more money from advertisers buying PTC ad packs)
- Daily bonus features (users get bonuses if they are active everyday)
- Daily bonus percentage meter (view how many offers until you reach the bonus)
- Enabled daily bonus feature
- Ability to change daily bonus points, and daily bonus offer count
- Store purchase history
- Updated landing page
- Forgot username/password pages
- All available offerwalls included for FREE (no need to buy additional add ons or plugins for offerwalls, they will be provided for free!)
- Updated stats page
- Balance converter (convert points into advertiser points for PTC ads)
- Ability to turn chat on/off
- and many more new features!

From v.2 to v.2.1

-ip banning updates (add, edit, delete)
--user can not signup/login into site if ip banned
-chat ban users (add, edit, delete)
--user can not chat if banned, user won't see chat panel if chat banned

From v.1 to v.2

-pages feature added
-proxy block added
-ip banning added
-improved security


Real reviews from clients who purchased this item.
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I don't know how to start off. This script is amazing, came with everything I wanted and was very cheap. The support was amazing, literally. I sent them a message on facebook expecting a reply within about an hour or so, they responded within a few minutes. They had helped me set up the script and change some thing's on it as well as help me link my offer-wall onto the site. The script has a very modern and good look to it. The admin panel, oh the admin panel... The admin panel is great. Very easy to use and change things and what not. I would honestly recommend this to anyone.

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thanks its a cool script

I can customize everything myself, its a cool script too

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