Adscendmedia Offers PHP Script


This script is a offer rewards system. Users can complete offers, watch videos, view websites, download software, buy trials and complete surveys via Adscendmedia then be rewarded with points. The site admin can earn as much as they would like to via offerwall settings, and by applying fees on user's payouts.


User & Admin Demos:
Username: admin
Password: password

  • Admin Panel
  • Payment Provider Module - Add any payment provider/option for user cash outs
  • Affiliate Module - Allow users to refer other users to earn points and have more users join the site and you can earn more!
  • Ban Users IP address (NEW) - Know of a user that is cheating? Ban them from accessing the site
  • Theme Switcher - Allow users to change the theme for their account!
  • Statistics (Offer History, Redemption History, Referral History)
  • Bootstrap CSS
  • 100% Mobile Responsive
  • 100% open and editable source code (not encrypted, feel free to edit the files)

Change Log

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