Top 3 Traffic Exchanges You Should Be Using

Top 3 Traffic Exchanges You Should Be Using
Do you like to get fast and free traffic to your website or blog? Here are the top 3 traffic exchanges you should be using on a daily basis to boost your traffic and sales!
If you were like me, in the old days of online marketing, you would join traffic exchange websites with the hopes of getting traffic that would convert into leads. Now that I think about it, a lot of traffic converted into leads back then and traffic exchanges were the #1 place for getting leads. Even though the market has changed substantially traffic exchanges are still a great source of free instant website traffic, and sometimes that traffic does convert into sales!

1. Traffup

This website offers a traffic exchange along with a social media exchange. However, I do not suggest using the social media exchange because most of the time the likes, or followers are fake or bots. The traffic exchange is quite nice. The traffic exchange features statistics, geo-targeting (if you upgrade to a PRO account which is a one-time fee), and anti-bot surfing. They require you to complete an image captcha to verify you are not a robot, or an automated software. This is very great in terms of real human traffic. I usually average about 100 hits per day whenever I use the traffic exchange. It is also worth noting that the TraffUp support is very responsive, and usually replies either the same day I create a ticket or within 48 hours.

2. TraffBoost

This site is basically a clone website of Traffup, and from my understanding not run by the same company that operates Traffup. Even though they are very similar they do not offer social media exchanges. They only offer the traffic exchange feature. It appears they took the best features of Traffup and removed everything that did not really belong on a traffic exchange. I receive a lot of website traffic from this traffic exchange however a lot of the traffic is generally from countries in which I do not want to receive traffic from.

3. YouLikeHits

This is another traffic exchange that also has social media exchanges as well. However the traffic on this site is usually botted but you get traffic very fast. If you ever need a quick boost of traffic I definitely recommend this site, but do not expect many signups or sale leads.

In general the traffic exchanges listed above are generally good. I would like to point out that even though you can get a lot of traffic from them, do not expect anything from them other than traffic. From my experience you can get 1 sale for about every 10,000 unique hits. This is a very low ratio that is not even worth the hassle of waiting for timers to count down to be reward points. But do not think you can not get signups, this is more probable then getting sales. I receive about 10 signups for every 5000 hits.

If you were to ever have your own traffic exchange it would be best to only have a traffic exchange and not include social media exchanges. This would be to prevent people from using your website to sell social media followers or likes which is against social websites terms of service.
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